Book 1 in the Vergence cycle

Ebryn trained as a caster, a wielder of power, from a young age. He sets out to find a place for himself, travelling to Vergence city, where he hopes to be accepted amongst his own kind. But Ebryn doesn't know he carries a dangerous secret with him.

The city sits at the heart of a great trade empire, where rival factions constantly strive for dominance. Ebryn is soon caught in the middle of a conflict he barely understands.

Orim, a skilled warrior, is sent by the ruler of Vergence to discover the truth behind Ebryns secret. Opposing him is a deadly assassin, tasked with permanently burying the past.

As the struggle for control of the city starts to unfold, Ebryn finds he's not the only one with a hidden past.

Vergence is the first book in the Vergence cycle.

143 000 words.

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Posted: 2nd July 2015 / John March

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